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  • The company’s main activity is focused on the selling of educational packages online all over the world where no restrictions are applicable or the country is not part from restricted territories. The business model is based on B2B (business to business) and business to customer commercial contractual relations based on commissions received by the partners of the company. Exploring the opportunities to enter the retail market, the company will accept payments for online educational packages directly from individuals also. The company offers Advanced Learning Systems (ALS) to users.

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Who we are

We are TrebleU. We believe that successful people always use a powerful combination of tools or skills.

Our mission is to educate by bringing high-quality online learning materials, insight to various topics, the skill to cope with everyday challenges through exploring cutting-edge educational ideas and how you can put them to practice in your everyday life.

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Advanced Learning Systems

The ALS is consistent of courses covering a cluster of business-related topics (trading; e-commerce, etc.) with various levels of difficulty. Currently, 5 levels of Forex courses are being available. They are being updated constantly with the aim to adapt to the ever-changing trading environment. Furthermore, buyers are going to receive all these updates free of charge. The educational materials included in each course are diverse. The base level (Level 1) introduces the reader to the ABC of this specific topic, how to begin trading Forex, for instance, to more advanced Content Structure (Technical and Fundamental analysis).

Core values

Professional approach

Our team of cross-functional professionals put their efforts into enabling the safe development and usage of products by making them highly effective and beneficial to our users in the long run.


We have the obligation to behave morally and ethically in all aspects of business, economic and legal ground. When devoting our energy to a common cause, there is not an unachievable goal.


We aim to develop a system of social responsibility, tailored by and for our community.


Innovation+ Education= Evolution


We firmly believe that success is in unity- unstoppable, undefeatable; unconquerable


In our company we are actively working to create a secure and reliable environment full of trust and confidence, not only for our employees and partners but also for those who purchase our products and services.


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