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The version of the present Referral program: 17.08.2020

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The requirements for someone to be a TrebleU Referrer are:

1. Legal age - Be over 18 years of age and provide CDD information for onboarding

2. Good computer literacy

3. Interested in learning forex trading, financial market trends, e-commerce and striving towards constant self-development

4. To read and provide consent to our T&C, Privacy policy and all policies and procedures presented.

Remember, we in TrebleU are not targeting the unemployed and income-deprived and/or any with an unfavorable status.

We in TrebleU have monitoring programs in place to ensure participants do not convey misleading claims. This will create trust and a calm atmosphere for a business development.

We in TrebleU aim that our products provide an opportunity for acquiring specific skills and making people work harder towards their self-development. Quality control is also important for us - only experts should sell our products and provide our advice to potential customers. We will be glad to provide the ones who have successfully passed Level 3 of our educational courses with free professional trainings from experts in their fields as an incentive for participants to buy and use our products.

To become a successful TrebleU Referrer you must have extensive knowledge of our products – what are they, what skills they provide, what are the requirements for people to purchase them, what are the requirements for a product return, what are the requirements to purchase a higher level and to pass the quiz that follows each level.

What is our Referral program?

First, you need to obtain a TrebleU course to qualify for the program. Your referrer’s link will do the rest.

You are eligible to get 5 % from the amount each referee has paid for a certain product.

In addition, you are entitled to get a lifetime loyalty bonus of 1 % for every membership renewal of your referees.

Why our referral program works?

Because we are providing our customers with reasons good enough for them to vouch for us

Everyone who purchases TrebleU products and services, gains quality in the first place. Our customers are going to receive comprehensive practical understanding, visuals, imagery for Forex trading and e- commerce which requires neither an extensive knowledge about financial markets or world economy nor а Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

What you receive in addition to that:

1. Talk-through videos, illustrative graphs, comprehensive textbooks and presentations

2. Forums with daily signals (Free of charge)

3. Exclusive Facebook group with signals before and after with earnings estimates

4. Free updates with the latest examples and explanations

5. Affiliate system and bonuses

TrebleU is delivering a long-lasting combo of knowledge and skills for your future financial independence.

So, do you want to remain just a spectator or do you want to forge your own destiny?

Have a question? Drop us a line!