E-commerce - simple or maybe not so much?

TrebleU advance learning e- commerce courses

There are a variety of regulations in the sphere of e- commerce which merchants and buyers have to comply with:
  • Customer protection.
  • Taxes regulations.
  • Import -Export requirements.
  • Advertising.
  • Trademark specifics.

Do you know that when a consumer is injured by a defect or risk of a product or service, the entire supply chain including the producer, manufacturer, importer, distributor, supplier, seller, and whoever placed the brand on the product or service, may be held liable?

The legal rule is:

The absence of knowledge cannot be an excuse, especially for businesses. By the means of law, there is a presumption – an exact translation of the statement mentioned: Ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Lat. for ‘Ignorance of the law excuses no one).

Set yourself up apart of all competitors by getting familiar with the specifics, related to your business, with TrebleU advance learning e-commerce courses.

Binder 1


Data protection and Privacy

Taxes and custom duties

Consumer protection

Binder World


A detailed sum-up of e-commerce business DOs and DON'Ts and online regulations in India, Singapore, Russia, China, Guatemala, Finland, Costa Rica, Dominican republic, Japan, Uruguay, Thailand, Serbia, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and comming more.

Binder 2


Restricted and Banned Products



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