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Course Description

Learn how to calculate the size of your investment when trading in forex. Risk management essentials – to help you minimize losses and protect any profits you did. The professionals know the best risk management tools and how to use it in online trading. We provide you with a sneak peek into the best analytical tools.

3 main topics from this Level:
Fundamental Analysis
Forex Strategies
Risk management

Forex Professional


  • Chapter 1 Fundamental Analysis
  • Chapter 2 What data should you use when trading?
  • Chapter 3 How does fundamental analysis applies to forex?
  • Chapter 4 How to manage risk?   
  • Chapter 5 How to calculate the size of your investment when trading?
  • Chapter 6 Forex Strategies

Additional Information for Level 4

  • Level of difficulty: Professional
  • Languages: English
  • Lectures: 6 Chapters
  • Video: 3 Video Lectures 
  • Includes: Assay (20 quiz)

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