Refund Policy

Cooling-off period

1. The cooling-off provides the individuals an opportunity without explanation to return to the seller anything they have bought online within 15 days as of the date of purchase and have to be fully refunded by the seller, provided that the product is not unsealed/used or the service is not used.

2. TrebleU offers a cooling-off period to their customers and they can withdraw the orders for purchasing ALS access if submitted within 15 days as of the date of the submission of the order without need to give any reason therefore.

3. We believe in business relationships built on confidence and integrity, supported by high-quality products provide by TrebleU, so we’ll be glad to return our customers’ money for purchasing our products if they change their mind in the said 15-day period, provided that the product is not unsealed/the performance of the content has not begun (i.e. if you haven’t still logged in and/or haven’t downloaded any content).

4. The said cancel policy based on the cooling-off period is in full compliance with the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights. TrebleU requires from the TREBLEU REFERERS to inform the customers or potential customers about this policy and the rights provided thereof when they offering the company’s products.

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