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effective as of August 17, 2020



1.1. The following General terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as „T&C“, shall serve as an “Agreement”, concluded between TrebleU International Limited and their clients, hereinafter referred to as TREBLEU REFERERS.

1.2. An integral part of the present T&C shall be the Referral program for TREBLEU REFERERS, available at www.trebleU.com. TrebleU enters business relationship with the prospective TREBLEU REFERERS only if he/she has agreed to be bound to the present T&C together with all the integral documents thereof as specified above. The business relationship between TrebleU and the TREBLEU REFERERS is based exclusively on the present T&C.

1.3. If any provision of this T&C appears to be invalid or incomplete, this shall not lead to invalidity of the entire Agreement. In this case, the invalid or incomplete provision shall be substituted with a valid provision that is closest to the invalid or incomplete provision from economic point of view.

1.4. The present Agreement shall be governed by the law of Thailand

2. Subject matter of the Agreement

2.1. TrebleU sells Advanced Learning System (ALS) products directly to customers all over the world with exception of the territories with restrictions according to the regulations.

2.2. Under the present Agreement the TREBLEU REFERERS offers the ALS products of TrebleU to the potential and existing clients of TrebleU. For this activity TrebleU shall remunerate them by referral commission of 5 % from the product price for the actual sales of products and also 1 % from renewal amount of their referee’s lifetime. Commissions are defined in the Referral plan which is an integral part of the present Agreement.


3. Eligibility to become a TREBLEU REFERER

3.1 The TREBLEU REFERER could be and individual, at 18 or over 18 years of age, with good computer literacy and interested in learning forex trading, financial market trends, e-commerce and continual self- development.

3.2. The TREBLEU REFERERS could be also an incorporated legal entity, provided that the representative thereof complies with the requirements as specified in

3.1 and there are no any legal obstacles to be bound to the present T&C.

3.4. TrebleU reserve the right to reject the TREBLEU REFERER’S application without giving reasons.

4. Conclusion of the agreement

4.1. It is necessary to register online at the website www.trebleU.com, to accept the present T&C, together with the Privacy Policy, the Referral plan and all the content published on the www.trebleU.com by clicking on the relevant box.

4.2. A person (either an individual or a legal entity) can conclude only one contract with TrebleU.

5. Cooling-off period

5.1. The cooling-off provides the individuals an opportunity without explanation to return to the seller anything they have bought online within 15 days as of the date of purchase and have to be fully refunded by the seller, provided that the product is not unsealed/used or the service is not used.

5.2. TrebleU offers a cooling-off period to their customers and they can withdraw the orders for purchasing ALS access if submitted within 15 days as of the date of the submission of the order without need to give any reason, therefore.

5.3. We believe in business relationships built on confidence and integrity, supported by high-quality products provide by TrebleU, so we’ll be glad to return our customers’ money for purchasing our products if they change their mind in the said 15-day period, provided that the product is not unsealed/the performance of the content has not begun (i.e. if you haven’t still logged in and/or haven’t downloaded any content).

5.4. The said cancel policy based on the cooling-off period is in full compliance with the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights. TrebleU requires from the TREBLEU REFERERS to inform the customers or potential customers about this policy and the rights provided thereof when they are offering the company’s products.

6. TREBLEU REFERERS ’S verification and Know your customer (KYC)

6.1. In the course of using our products and services provided through the website www.trebleU.com, including via affiliated platforms thereof, the Independent consultant may be asked to follow identity and other verification procedures concerning the use of products and services, including the activity as Independent consultant. These may include checking the information Independent consultant has provided against any sanction or restriction list maintained by any governmental or non-governmental international organisation prohibiting or limiting business activities or transactions with any persons.

6.2. You may be required to provide TrebleU with certain personal information and other Customer Due Diligence (CDD) documents in order to proceed with our KYC verifications.

6.3. By agreeing with this T&C the TREBLEU REFERERS entitles TrebleU to initiate, directly or through a third party, inquiries necessary to verify customer’s identity and/or to protect against fraud. We will bear no responsibility if due to any such inquiries or identification and screening procedures the TREBLEU REFERER is not able to use our products and/or related services, provided that TrebleU acts in compliance with the present T&C and other applicable legislative requirements.

6.4. We will collect, keep and use personal data provided by TREBLEU REFERER in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on our Website - www.trebleU.com. All our TREBLEU REFERERS should read our Privacy Policy before using our Website and products and related services we provide. As per our Privacy Policy in some cases (when it is required by law, due to legal procedures, for prevention of financial losses, when it is necessary to report illegal activity or when we investigate infringement of present T&C) we may share your personal data with external bodies – such as data protection authorities, officials and others.

6.5. The TREBLEU REFERERS shall immediately inform TrebleU in case there is a change in their personal or legal entity data, by updating the data filled in a form if applicable and/or by contacting the support team of TrebleU. TrebleU reserves the right to acquire further information from the TREBLEU REFERERS in certain cases.

7. Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures

7.1. TrebleU refrain from carrying out transactions which suspect related to money laundering or financing of terrorism until the suspicion is reported to the responsible unit according to the applicable legislation. Where refraining from carrying out transaction is impossible or is likely to impede the efforts to investigate a suspected transaction, TrebleU may execute the transaction and shall report the suspicion immediately afterwards.

7.2. Under no circumstance employees may disclose to a customer or to a third party that the responsible unit has been notified or that a report concerning suspected money laundering or financing of terrorism will be, is being or has been submitted or financing of terrorism investigation is being or has been carried out. If TrebleU have reasonable grounds to believe that funds originate from money laundering or are related to terrorist financing, they shall immediately freeze the funds and submit a report to the relevant competent authority.


8. Status of the TREBLEU REFERERS as an entrepreneur

8.1. The TREBLEU REFERERS is not an employee, commercial representative, or agent of TrebleU and thus is not entitled to any salary and/or health insurance or contributions to pensions. They are not entitled to any bonuses different from the referral commission.

8.2. We at TrebleU remunerate every fruitful effort of our TREBLEU REFERERS and strive to ensure for TREBLEU REFERERS all the necessary preconditions for successful business, including but not limited to high-quality educational products and related to them services through our affiliates, the relevant advertising materials, online and in-house trainings and adequate referral comission.

8.3. The TREBLEU REFERER is remunerated for his/her activity via referral payment in the form of bonuses payed by TrebleU each Monday and based on the realized by the TREBLEU REFERERS sales of TrebleU’s educational products.

9. Payment of commissions – conditions, payment methods and transfer prohibition

9.1. TrebleU reserves the right to make the first payment of the TREBLEU REFERER’S commission subject to verification of his/her/their CDD information and where relevant – their tax identification number, together with the relevant business activity of the TREBLEU REFERERS. The TREBLEU REFERERS is only entitled to a commission if he/she/they is/are not in violation of the present T&C.

9.2. The payment of the commission to the TREBLEU REFERERS shall take place via bank wire transfer on TREBLEU REFERER’S bank account as indicated in the web office. The payment may also be transferred, upon TREBLEU REFERER’S request, to TrebleU affiliates as a payment for the services provided therefrom.

9.3. After the due date of the payment, the TREBLEU REFERERS has 30 days to raise any objection concerning the wrong payments and outstanding commission liabilities in writing, to e-mail address: support@trebleU.com. The TREBLEU REFERERS agree/s that after the expiration of the said 30-day period he/she/they cannot claim any due commission/bonus and that TrebleU becomes authorized to use it.

9.4. In case the payment to the TREBLEU REFERER cannot be carried out due to reasons that are attributable to the TREBLEU REFERER(e.g. wrong and/or incomplete bank details, or wrong and/or incomplete personal data), TrebleU request the TREBLEU REFERERS to eliminate the reasons undermining the payment, in an email message. The TREBLEU REFERERS has 30 days, after the email was sent, to remediate the situation. If, after expiration of the 30-day period, the TREBLEU REFERER do not undertake the necessary corrective actions, TrebleU will not bear obligation to undertake the payment and the TREBLEU REFERERS agrees that in this case the relevant payment cease to be due.

9.5. The commissions under the minimum amount of 30 EUR are not withdrawable.

9.6. TrebleU may, in its sole discretion, also decide not to process payment transactions, provide products or services, or otherwise facilitate transactions even if permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

10. Special rights and responsibilities of the TREBLEU REFERERS

10.1. It is the exclusive right of TREBLEU REFERER to create and use individual recommendation links (referral links) enabling other users to register in the system of TrebleU .

10.2. An TREBLEU REFERER, shall be obliged to support and assist its referees in their activity. The TREBLEU REFERER is always invited to attend specially organized company trainings on financial and e -commerce topics.

10.3. The TREBLEU REFERERS shall receive no compensation for the above activities.

11 Note

11.1. If, due to technical or other reasons the customer is not able to access the product purchased and or services related to purchase within seven (7) days after the purchase, the TREBLEU REFERERS who refer the customer shall advised the consumer of the delay. If the access is impossible for more than twenty-one (21) days, the TREBLEU REFERERS must advise the consumer that he/she may cancel the agreement to purchase without any cost.

12. Responsibility of TREBLEU REFERERS to comply with the law, including to pay taxes

12.1. TrebleU observes the relevant to their business regulations and expect from their TREBLEU REFERERS to obey the law as well and not to harm any third party when acting as TREBLEU REFERERS.

12.2. By registering on www.trebleU.com, the TREBLEU REFERERS declares that he/she is familiar with the relevant local regulations that would be applicable to their activity and that there is no obstacles or limitations in this regard.

12.3. Our TREBLEU REFERERS are also obliged to observe the relevant tax and social security regulations if any.

12.4. By registering on www.trebleU.com the TREBLEU REFERERS declares that he/she will pay all the taxes, allowances and other relevant duties according to the applicable regulations payable after the income from earnings received for the activity performed as TREBLEU REFERER.

12.5. TrebleU reserves the right to deduct the amount of taxes, allowances and duties payable by the TREBLEU REFERERS from commission payable for realized sales as per Refferal plan in case a legal provision envisages TrebleU to do so.

13. Credentials’ protection

13.1 The TREBLEU REFERERS needs to take precautionary measures to protect his/her personal credentials (username, password, other registration data) used for logging into the office via www.trebleU.com . TrableU cannot ensure protection for their TREBLEU REFERERS from harm due to personal credentials abuse if they do not protect themselves.

13.2. Provision of access to the TREBLEU REFERER’S office at www.trebleU.com to a third party is forbidden. TrebleU bear no responsibility for any activity undertaken by third party using TREBLEU REFERER’ S personal credentials and shall consider all such actions as undertaken by the TREBLEU REFERER. If such an access of third party is established, TrebleU reserves the right to block/freeze the relevant account.

14. Restrictions for competitive activity

14.1. The TREBLEU REFERERS, being in contractual relationship with TRebleU, is not entitled to market and/or sell the products of TrebleU’s competitors.

14.2. By entering into the Agreement with TrebleU the TREBLEU REFERER agrees to treat fairly the other TREBLEU REFERERS and not to commit any form of delict against them as well as against TrebleU itself or another company.

15. Business secret

15.1. The TREBLEU REFERERS is obliged to keep confidential any business secret of TrebleU and its affiliates, including but not limited to business structure, marketing and management models, as well as any personal data if aware of such in the course of its activity as TREBLEU REFERER. This obligation shall remain intact following the termination of that Agreement.

16. Offering products and use of advertisements, marketing, and sale materials

16.1. TrebleU provide to their TREBLEU REFERERS marketing and sale documentation and other advertising materials controlled in all aspects and for all countries where TrebleU operates.

16.2. TREBLEU REFERERS are forbidden from using, producing, and marketing their own sales or product brochures or other individually created press and marketing materials, without the prior written approval by TrebleU’s compliance department. This approval may be withdrawn at any time. The TREBLEU REFERER may not sell or otherwise propagate their own marketing and/or sales documentation even if they are approved by TrebleU.

16.3. The TREBLEU REFERER may not publish any data regarding his/her earnings or income or concerning earning opportunity at TrebleU.

16.4. The products and services of TrebleU may only be marketed via Internet with the use of the marketing devices and marketing communication materials provided. Also can be sell through consignment agreements.

17. Forbidden marketing practices

17.1. The TREBLEU REFERER shall refrain from using fraudulent marketing practices in his/her business activity as. TREBLEU REFERER.

17.2. It is forbidden for TREBLEU REFERER to send unwanted electronic advertisements and marketing materials, marketing faxes, text messages or to make unwanted phone calls, including using automated call centers.

17.3. The TREBLEU REFERER are not allowed to perform any activity as TREBLEU REFERER for which they are not authorized based on the Agreement with TrebleU. Also, he shall refrain from performing illegal, unauthorized or incorrect marketing practices, including to communicate false, deceptive or misleading data and information about TrebleU’s products.

17.4. In the course of his/her activities TREBLEU REFERER cannot communicate via any means and may not propagate in any way any content regarding: their own or others’ gender, racial identity, color, nationality, belonging to a national or ethnic minority, mother tongue, disability, health status, religious or world views, political or other opinion, family status, sexual preferences, gender identity, age, social origin, economic status, belonging to any trade associations; this includes audio and video recordings, images, texts, computer files and codes, websites, social media sites, hidden implications etc.

18. Trademarks and Intellectual property

18.1. All presentations, marketing, educational, photo, audio and video materials ensured available in the web office are intellectual property of TrebleU and are protected as such by law. These materials may not be either partly or totally multiplied, distributed, or published without the express written consent of TrebleU.

18.2. The use of the name, trade name, titles, and business names of TrebleU (hereinafter referred to as: ’distinguishing marks’) is also only allowed subject to prior written consent of TrebleU. The same is applicable to the registration of domain names and e-mail addresses that contain a character of TrebleU in any form. TrebleU may request delusion of those Internet domain names or e-mail addresses, that containing TrebleU character in any form and the use of which were not preliminary approved by TrebleU in writing.

19. No representation of TrebleU

19.1. The TREBLEU REFERER is not authorized to make declarations or to undertake obligations, including to take money or payments in any form representing TRebleU.

19.2. The TREBLEU REFERER is not allowed to answer the questions of the press concerning TrebleU, their products and services, their business activity, including but not limited to Compensation Plan and other services offered by TrebleU. The TREBLEU REFERER is obliged to forward any question from the press immediately to TrebleU.

20. Limitation on marketing

20.1 The TREBLEU REFERER may only offer the products and related services of TrebleU, respectively may recruit new TREBLEU REFERER in those countries (states), which are officially announced as markets for TrebleU’s products and services.


21. Sanctioning regime

21.1. In order to apply sanctions in honest, fair and professional manner, by promoting transparency, TrebleU shall examine at least two (2) independent sources of information. If the evidences are entirely based on witness interviews, collected in the course of the investigation of infringement, at least four (3) witnesses should be presented.

21.2. Disciplinary sanctions are applicable as of the date of establishment of the violation of the present T&C, including in case of fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business conduct by any TREBLEU REFERER and may result, at Company’s discretion, in one or more of the following corrective measures:

  • 1. Issuance of a written warning or admonition.
  • 2. Requiring the TREBLEU REFERER to take immediate corrective measures.
  • 3. Imposition of a fine, which may be withheld from the account held with TrebleU:
    - €100 penalty - if the TREBLEU REFERER haven’t provided within time limits required personal data or have provided incorrect personal data;
    - between €250 and €500 penalty - for other non-serious infringements, and
    - up to €5100 for serious infringements
  • 4. Lost of rights to one or more bonus payments.
  • 5. Any other measure, which TrebleU deem practicable to implement to equitably remedy damages caused partially or exclusively by the TREBLEU REFERER’S violation or contractual breach.
  • 6. Suspension of the individual TREBLEU REFERER’S position for one or more pay periods;
  • 7. Any other measures expressly allowed by provision of the present T&C or admissible by law;

21.3. Sanctions may be modified based on aggravating factors, which could lead to bigger damage caused by the infringement. As such, these factors work against the offender and ultimately increase the penalty. Examples of aggravate sanctioning include:

  • - Multiple offenses
  • - Breach of specially protected information such as personal data,
  • - High volume of people or data affected,
  • - High exposure for TrebleU,
  • - Significant organizational expenses incurred,
  • - Activities impeding the investigation- such as provision of misleading and/or incorrect information,
  • - Negative effect of TREBLEU REFERER’S actions on others,
  • – The violation is of a continuing nature and/or after official warning.

21.4. Sanctions may be modified based on mitigating factors, which could lead to limiting the damage caused by the infringement. As such, these factors could decrease the penalty. Factors that could mitigate sanctioning could include:

  • - Breach occurred as a result of attempting to help a client
  • - Victim(s) suffered no harm,
  • - The offender voluntarily admitted the breach and cooperated with the investigation,
  • - The offender showed remorse and recover damages
  • - Action has been taken under pressure from an individual in a position of authority

22. Disabling the TREBLEU REFERER

22.1. In case а TREBLEU REFERER fails to provide the information and documentation necessary for his/her/their CDD as per point 6.2 of the present T&C within 30 days as from the acknowledgement of the obligations forming the precondition of commission payment and upon the TrebeU’s notice, TrebleU is entitled to temporarily disable the TREBLEU REFERER from using the referral option, until the date of receiving the necessary documentation

22.2. Irrespective of disabling as per point 22.1. TrebleU expressly reserves the right to disable the TREBLEU REFERER’s access, including online, to the system for undefined period, in case the TREBLEU REFERER breaches any of his/her/their obligations as per present T&C or in case of infringement of other legal provisions. TrebleU shall be entitled to disable the TREBLEU REFERER without prior notification in accordance with the sanction policy only if there is a serious reason and if no mitigation factors are applicable.

23. Application of sanctions and termination

23.1. In case of breach of the obligations listed in point 12.1-12.6; 13.1, 13.2, 14.1, 14.2, 15.1, 16.2-16.7, 17.1-17.9, 18.1, 18.2, 19.1 and 20 TrebleU shall be entitled to apply its Sanction policy and/or to terminate the TREBLEU REFERER without prior notification, with immediate effect. Furthermore, in case of freezing and/or termination, TrebleU expressly reserve the right to claim further compensation and the TREBLEU REFERER shall be responsible for all damages arising for TrebleU. Termination of TREBLEU REFERER is applicable in the following cases:

  • - The TREBLEU REFERER provides inaccurate personal information.
  • - The TREBLEU REFERER engages in activity that violates any applicable law
  • - The TREBLEU REFERER violates the present T&C and other applicable policies and procedures.
  • - The TREBLEU REFERER demonstrates unethical behavior, in noncompliance with the present T&C and all applicable TrebleU’s policies,
  • - TrebleU has received numerous complaints from TREBLEU REFERER for unethical behavior of the TREBLEU REFERER,
  • - The TREBLEU REFERER fails to comply with applicable internal policies and procedures in general, concerning Customer due diligence (CDD), Know your customer (KYC), Know your customer’s customer (KYCC)

23.2. TrebleU may at any time and in their reasonable discretion, impose limitations on, suspend or terminate the TREBLEU REFERER’S access to any service or to the Website without being liable to her/him provided that TrebleU has been notified that TREBLEU REFERER acts in breach of any agreement or undertaking with any affiliate of TrebleU and such breach involves or is reasonably suspected to involve dishonest or fraudulent activity. TrebleU reserve the right to but shall not be required to investigate such breaches or to request confirmation from the TREBLEU REFERER.

Ordinary termination of the Agreement

24. Termination by notification

24.1. The Agreement may be terminated by either party through ordinary termination, upon 30 days prior notice. The terminating party shall send its termination notification in writing, by post or via e-mail.

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