Binder 2

Restricted and banned products for online sale

Do you know that in practice the item you intend to sale/buy online may be relevant to a certain country of origin (when export limitations are imposed) or by the country of destination (when import limitations are imposed), the product or item must pass some authorization checks, or that it is generally forbidden - you can be fined, jailed, or both if you offer/buy such products which are not compliant according to legislation?

Probably you are aware of some commonly illegal items for sale such as:

  • - Narcotic drugs
  • - Explosives
  • - Pornographic /obscene material
  • - Weapons and weapons accessories
  • - Infectious Substances
  • - Radioactive Material

But have you ever heard that you are not allowed to import animal skins and fur in Spain, nail polish and perfumes in Australia; second hand cars in Serbia, used clothing and accessories, in Argentina, handheld computers tablets, and cell phones in Indonesia if you intend directly re sell to retailers or consumers, pork meat in Venezuela. Do you know you need a license in order to import vitamins in Serbia, foodstuffs and agricultural products in Venezuela, plants in South Korea, jewelry, orchids and cyclamen in New Zealand.

Trademark – create and protect the value beyond your core business.

Are you aware failing to research a brand before applying for trademark registration can lead to denial of registration from the responsible authority or, worse, a cease and desist letter from another brand owner. Spending the time to determine whether a brand is available is going to help you avoid the very high costs of a dispute or worse- litigation.

Probably you spent a good deal of time and money preparing for registering your mark. And of course, the last thing you want to happen is to lose the exclusive right to use your trademark because of something you do or fail to do–especially when the action or inaction is easily avoidable.

In fact, a business may unknowingly be misusing its mark, which then may undercut the mark's value and jeopardize its registration, as well as affect the ability to prevent other businesses from using asimilar mark.

How Can Advertising Affect Your Business?

Everyone knows the benefits of successful advertising. Businesses can set themselves apart from their competitors and grab their audience's attention with an advertisement. Still, they have to be aware that without the knowledge of how and what exactly they can and they cannot do legally, they could wind up with some seriously upset customers and even some legal consequences such as prosecutions and a fine.

You probably know that when creating your ad, you have to use a powerful headline to tailor your message in order to suit your target audience, talk about the benefits, have a call- to action, use exiting images, use testimonials if relevant. But what you are not taking under account is to use Customer protection and Unfair trading as your guide in advertising the regulations. We are aware rules are indigestible for many people. This course aims to sum up and guide you in the right direction for the creation of a safe and useful advertising and promotions.

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