Our Concept

Closing the circle of finance

What is finance? How can the circle of finance be closed?

In its essence, finance is money management and the process of acquiring needed funds for a person or a corporation.

What is the meaning of doing business in a circular economy?

For instance, Facilitation of product repairment or development by providing information and tools to the clients in order for them to be able to replace parts or components on their own such as Dell and Lenovo.

Find new uses in order to find waste items/products:

Many big corporates are embracing circular principles, particularly in relation to their waste such as General Motors. Collect and recycle used goods directly from their clients or via partnerships such as Puma and bring me back program, Coca – Cola. Remanufacturing goods, etc.

Our Circle of finance flow is actually pretty simple:

We aim to empower people to learn and embed the believe they have control over their lives and skills. We strive to provide the medium for them to express their need to help each other. We would like to equip them with the tools and knowledge to be able to earn. Furthermore, we would like to teach them how to use these funds to facilitate their daily life through payment processing, e -commerce; investment, exchange, forex. This business model is facilitated through our own platforms. This helps our company to withstand future challenges and all the participants to benefit from the price reduction as these platforms (developed enough) are all that we need to facilitate the movement of the businesses.

In many instances, the relationship business - customers ends when the purchase complete and delivered. Conversely, we reframe this business – customers relationship. In our circular system, however, products are designed to be used periodically (as regular free updates are provided) and to provide additional benefits (referral, loyalty, community building programs). This unables the client to use our services continuously, they become not only ongoing user's, but part of our community.

That is what makes the circle of finance unique.

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