Forex Impact

Course Description

The Level 3 takes you to some technical analysis of forex trading. It will help you understand how to analyze the market conditions and trends in Forex. It provides some helpful indicators you will find interesting to learn. These indicators are the one of factor which helps you decide whether you should buy or sell.

This level is going to help you build trading system. The trading system is fundamental when the trader do not want to lose money.

Forex Impact


  • Chapter 1 What is technical analysis?
  • Chapter 2 Basic charts analysis
  • Chapter 3 Market Trends
  • Chapter 4 Support and Resistance   
  • Chapter 5 Price Patterns
  • Chapter 6 Popular indicators
  • Chapter 7 How to create trading system?

Additional Information for Level 3

  • Level of difficulty: Intermediate
  • Languages: English
  • Lectures: 7 Chapters
  • Video: 4 Video Lectures 
  • Includes: Assay (20 quiz)

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