Forex Introduce

Course Description

Throughout this first course, you will acquire vital information and begin to understand key concepts about trading. You will get familiar with the essence of trading practices and how to put them to good use in order to make trade calls and select the right products to trade. Furthermore, you will understand one of the most crucial things in trading: how to determine the best time to buy and sell.

Forex Introduce


  • Chapter 1 What Is the Forex Market?
  • Chapter 2 How big is the Forex market?
  • Chapter 3 Who trades Forex?
  • Chapter 4 When does the market trade?  
  • Chapter 5 How can you start trading on the forex market?

Additional information for Level 1

  • Level of difficulty: Beginner
  • Languages: English
  • Lectures: 5 Chapters
  • Video: 3 Video Lectures 
  • Includes: Assay (20 quiz)

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