Forex Trader

Course Description

Do you feel ready to start learning about trading in Forex market? Do you want to be proficient in it and become a winner?

When you finish level 2 you will be able to start trading on Trading Platform MetaTrader4 (MT4). This course provides you with important contents about currencies and symbols, brokers, leverages and a variety of trading factors.


  • Chapter 1 How to start trading in the forex market?
  • Chapter 2 What is the broker?
  • Chapter 3 Currency pairs and symbols
  • Chapter 4 How to read Forex quote?   
  • Chapter 5 What are Spread/Bid/Ask?
  • Chapter 6 What are Pip and Point?
  • Chapter 7 Margin and Leverage
  • Chapter 8 What is contract size?
  • Chapter 9 How does margin account work
  • Chapter 10 Trading factors

Additional Information for Level 2

  • Level of difficulty: elementary
  • Languages: English
  • Lectures: 10 Chapters
  • Video: 5 Video Lectures 
  • Includes: Assay (20 quiz)

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